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A Kingdom Hearts Fanfiction: “A Week To Love You”

A Week To Love You" by Phoenix Noir

After KH2.Kairi must go to visit her mother for a week,leaving a sick Sora in the care of Riku.The silver haired boy obliges,but he can’t help being jealous of Kairi and Sora’s time together.Until Sora opens Riku’s eyes to what he really wants, and needs.”

Very Good. Very Sweet. Check it out! :P

- Crescent

About Me

Crescent Dusk

Just thoughts/beliefs on God/Christianity, Anime, Love & thoughts in general! Please read & respond to your heart's content =) Personal goals of mine are to dance professionally, do voice overs and later to find my other half, marry, start a family and go back to school to study Christian Counseling. Writing is another interest. Fiction, Poetry & Creative Writing especially . I love to read it as well. Favorite Book: 'Redeeming Love'. Current Book: 'Red' by Ted Dekker Also, please do not hesitate to ask questions. Especially if there is something I blog about you do not understand or simply curious about =)

Favorite Quote

"A woman's heart should be so lost in God...he has to seek Him in order to find her..."